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the world is rules by Onion

Iconthis site is a collection of Cute Onion Head and will UPDATE everydayyyyy !! the world is rules by Onion ^^ lol u rockk :p (http://cuteonion.via.my)

onions ^^

The World is rules by Onion



hehehe true, that is the white onion character...and im really addicted collecting all of them..so cute ma!!!!! well lets begin with their story and know them better.

Onion Tou (洋蔥頭), often affectionately known as Onion-kun, is the creation of Taiwanese Mangaka Ethan (aka E, the Father of Onions)


Onion-kun is primarily an emoticon character. At the time of this writing, there are 93 Onion-themed animated emoticons 70 Onion-themed head shots, and 7 Onion-themed comic strips.


Onion HEad (from onion club page)

Aside from Onion-kun, 3 additional characters appears in the comic strip: Onion-Mei, who is Onion-kun's little sister. Delinquent Scallion, who is Onion-kun's arch enemy


Onion Mei


deliquent scalion


Ethan, the father of Onions, talks about his creative process with Sohu, This is a translation of the interview. This is the last part.


Sohu: Everyone seems to like Onion-kun for different reasons, What do you, the author think is the main reason that that makes Onion-kun so popular?

Ethan: People uses Onion-kun as an extension of their emotions, their feelings, everyone have different feelings so everyone have a different reason for liking Onion-kun.

By using Onion-kun, people let themselves become Onion-kun, and Onion-kun
becomes their spokes- person.

We all need to interact socially, but social interaction through typing is
something that is very difficult. If you can type very fast, you might get by,
but even a fast typer may not be able to communicate effectively.

People like me, who types at a normal rate, often finds it difficult to communicate . A well placed emoticon can make communication a lot easier.
I think that's what makes Onion-kun so popular -- he is popular because he
helps people interact better online. Also, the emoticons are really flexible:
they are often suitable in many situations


oool huh..please enjoy the collection :D i luv them , hope you too


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